The Mycelium

Urban suspects This might be the last wet week of ‘Sprummer’ in Southern Mainland Australia. I have been observing and recording the ‘Summer’ fruiting of many mushrooms, puffballs and slime moulds many of the common ‘urban fungi’ including Yellow Fieldcap (Bolbitius titubans), Pleated Inkcap (Parasola plicatilis), Fairy Ring Marasmius (Marasmius […]

Urban suspects

The ‘Space Alien Fungus’ as it is sometimes described is the Anemone Stinkhorn (Aseroe rubra), other common names include sea anemone fungus and starfish fungus. It was the first Australian native fungus formally named. Collected from southern Tasmanian during the La Pérouse expedition by the French Botanist Labillardière in 1792 and described in 1800. Stinkhorns are […]

Aseroe rubra