Funds raised so far for 2017-18 projects:

  • Australian Tropical Fungi Pocket Field Guides (Funds raised $105)
    • Fran Guard, Sapphire McMullan-Fisher, Sandra Abell and Matt Barrett with the support of the Queensland Mycological Society are working to build mycological capacity in Far North Queensland and with local help produce some Pocket Field Guides. In March 2018 a expedition to collect fungi and educate locals was held. In 2019 we hope to have a similar expedition to launch the new pocket guides.
  • Southwest WA Field Book (Funds raised $170)
    • Botanical artist and mycologist Katrina Syme has been studying the fungi of south-west WA since the 1980s. She is working to bring out a local field guide to share her knowledge, please help her find the funds to cover the costs. This year we used the funds to get a hard drive to back up her images and produced a pocket guide for the region.
  • Towards Adequate Fungal Soil Sampling (Funds raised $105)
    • Many genomic assessments have not yet been adequately developed to understand the fine scale soil structure of the fungal community through the soil profile. This honours project will develop adequate sampling protocols for fungal community diversity in Tasmanian soils. Julie Fielder is an experienced mycologist who is currently undertaking an honours project at the University of Tasmania.
  • Fun ID Games (Funds raised $220)
    • Sapphire McMullan-Fisher is a fungal ecologist with experience working across Australia. She is working towards a card game to help people develop their knowledge and identification skills.
  • Ross Beever Memorial Mycological Trust – FunNZ (Funds raised $115)
    • Fungi enthusiasts have been meeting for 35 years around New Zealand for an annual foray to share knowledge and discover Aotearoa’s amazing fungi. Every year the Ross Beever Memorial Mycological Trust help support students research.
  • Fungi for Land (Funds raised $245)
    • With many land managers beginning to discover the important functions many fungi play in healthy ecosystems. We are writing the core text with mycologists and land managers. This will be a practical guide for land managers. Sapphire McMullan-Fisher and Roz Hart have been involved in fungal community education for more than a decade and hope to work with mycologists across the region to produce a practical and science based guide.

Men’s long-sleeved cotton shirt – Greywash with white Mycenas

Past fund raising efforts

Kapenta range 2011

Back in 2011, Kapenta produced some batik clothing with mushroom designs for Fungimap 6 Conference in Denmark 2011. We have found these clothes to be long lasting and comfortable and many people have since asked if they could have more.Then in 2014 Roz and I did some T-shirts as a fund raiser for the Interactional Society for Fungal Conservation and local fungal groups.

So now Roz Hart, some post host volunteers and I want to do it again but with the Batik clothing.

If this years colours and styles go well we will do more next year. If you are interested in being involved as a post host or have a project you would like supported in the future please contact