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Australian Subtropical Fungi August 2021

The following list of updated names reflects our increasing knowledge of Australian fungi since ASF was published in 2014, especially through the contribution of DNA studies. Undoubtedly, other changes will occur in the future.


P.38 Cyptrotrama aspratum -> Cyptotrama asprata

P.45 Humidicutis lewellinae -> Porpolomopsis lewellinae

P.52 Lactarius aff. glaucescens -> Lactifluus lactiglaucus

P.53 Lactarius clarkeae -> Lactifluus clarkeae group

P.55 Lactarius subclarkeae -> Lactifluus subclarkeae group

P.65 Mycena viscidocruenta -> Cruentomycena viscidocruenta

P.69 Panellus pusillus -> Panellus luxfilamentus

P.85 Gyroporus aff. cyanescens -> Gyroporus furvescens

P.91 Lenzites betulina -> Lenzites aff. betulina

P.92 Amauroderma rude -> Sanguinoderma rude

P.93 Fomitopsis feei -> Rhodofomitopsis pseudofeei

P.94 Fomitopsis lilacinogilva -> Rhodofomitopsis lilacinogilva

P.95 Ganoderma australe -> Ganoderma australe complex

P.96 Ganoderma chalceum -> Ganoderma mastoporum

P.97 Ganoderma steyaertanum -> Ganoderma steyaertianum

P.98 Gloeophyllum abietinum -> Gloeophyllum sp.

P.101 Laetiporus aff cremeiporus -> Laetiporus sp.

P.102 Lenzites acuta -> Trametes warnieri

P.110 Trametes modesta -> Trullella sp.

P.126 Lycoperdon pyriforme -> Lycoperdon aff. pyriforme

P.134 Auricularia auricula-judae -> Auricularia aff. thailandica

P.136 Auricularia delicata -> Auricularia aff. delicata

P.137 Auricularia mesenterica -> Auricularia cf pusio/asiatica

PP.138 & 140 Hericium coralloides -> Hericium novae-zealandiae

Publication list

McMullan-Fisher SJM, Guard FE 2021 Fungi of southeast Queensland. Fun Fungi Ecology, Maroochydore.

McMullan-Fisher SJM, Guard FE 2021 Mushrooms of southeast Queensland. Fun Fungi Ecology, Maroochydore.

McMullan-Fisher SJM, Guard FE, Barrett, MD 2019 Australian Tropical Mushrooms & other Fungi. Queensland Mycological Society, Brisbane.

McMullan-Fisher SJM, Syme K 2018 Mushrooms and other Fungi of south west Western Australia. Western Australian Naturalists’ Club.

McMullan-Fisher SJM, Leonard PL, Guard FE 2014. Australian Subtropical Fungi. Fungimap.NewNew

Species published

Austroboletus yourkae F.E. Guard, McMull.-Fish., Van Wyk, T. Lebel & Halling, Persoonia 47: 277 (2021) [MB#839206]

Crepidotus innuopurpureus McMull.-Fish., T. Lebel & Senn-Irlet, Persoonia 47: 293 (2021) [MB#840921]

Pisolithus croceorrhizus P. Leonard & McMullan-Fisher, Australasian Mycologist 31: 27 (2013) [MB#802885]