Illustrated cards launch

I am delighted to have worked on a collectable set of illustrated fungi cards from around the world! These will be launched at the Victorian Moorabool Mushroom Festival on Saturday 15 April 2023. We also have a new fundraising t-shirt to support Fungi4Land see preorder by 14 March 2023 see details below.

The Deck of Mushrooms: An Illustrated Field Guide to Fascinating Fungi

by Dr Sapphire McMullan-Fisher

For those you that want to delve to the bizarre, this deck is an introduction to fifty of the hidden kingdom’s most interesting mushrooms from around the world. Mushrooms have existed for millennia often being used throughout human history for food, medicine, and expanding the consciousness. Fungi have shaped and support our living planet. Like magic they appearing everywhere from fairy tales, health food stores to the current mycelium awakening.

There’s an entire universe of fungi, much of which is yet to be discovered. To teach you some the basics, The Deck of Mushrooms features fifty types, including:

  • Ghost fungus
  • Spectacular rustgill
  • Sky-blue pinkgill
  • Trooping crumble cap
  • Pink oyster mushroom
  • Parrot waxcap
  • Indigo Milkcap
  • Golden-scruffy collybia
  • Shiitake
  • And the Velvet foot

On each of these fifty beautifully illustrated cards by Martz Zafra, published by Smith Street Gift. The text on the have been cards have been written by Dr Sapphire McMullan-Fisher. They are a fun way to learn about a different mushrooms habitats, their uses, and some of their history.

Pre-orders by 14 March 2023

The Fungi4Land book

Pre-orders of cards and T-shirts get $5 discount if ordered by 14 March 2023:

Deck of Mushrooms 

Fungi4Trees T-shirts 

Purchasing these will go to support publishing Fungi for Land a practical guide for land managers with conservation and restoration focused management.

Free pick up at the Victorian Moorabool Mushroom Festival 15-16 April 2023.